Tree Pruning

Where possible, we like to protect established trees, so pruning is a great option for tree management.

ASG offer a range of tree care services, with our team able to remove limbs, change shape, and reduce canopy to let sunlight through.

As qualified arborists, we know what it takes to prune your trees to achieve the preferred outcome and without creating damage. We are well-prepared with equipment to access all spaces including tight spots in residential areas, commercial and industrial lots and working at heights.

ASG ensures your property is safe during our operations and clean and clear when we leave. 

Our tree care, pruning solutions, selective pruning, canopy reduction and crown raising are completed to Australian Standard “Pruning of Amenity Trees” AS4373-2007 to insure the best long term outcome for your valued tree.  

Not sure what’s right for your tree? Talk to us and we can arrange a visit to your site for expert advice and an all-inclusive quote.

Talk to us about your concerns and we can provide expert advice for your specific situation.

Regular tree pruning is needed for the following reasons:

  • Storm damage/failure 
  • Diseased or decaying limbs – From rot to old age, unhealthy limbs need to be pruned regularly to avoid injury.
  • Pest management – If you have issues with termites or insects, pruning can stop problems from spreading.
  • Canopy reduction – to reduce the load on some limbs.
  • Clearance from service wires, buildings etc – If you have limbs hanging over telephone or electricity lines, they need to be removed
  • To rectify problems, regrowth from previous pruning not done to Australian Standards

When we prune a tree, we use advanced equipment and correct pruning technique to remove branches without risking tree health. When pruning is done incorrectly, you are risking damage from insects, disease, and rot.

If you’re looking for a trusted tree pruning service in the Penrith, Blue Mountains, or Hawkesbury area, ASG Trees would love to help. Please contact our customer service team today.

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