We're passionate about preserving trees as a beautiful natural resource and not sending timber to waste!

Once a tree is removed, we do our absolute best to repurpose the timber with our mills.

Tree removal doesn’t have to be the end, with our talented team able to transform your lost tree into beautiful and useful milled timber.

We can cut natural edge timber slabs or dimensional timber with our mill. While this is not part of the original tree work, we have invested heavily to ensure that nothing is wasted! Even the sawdust is used!  

While we offer a range of options. We are limited to locally available timber from our own tree work. We also help other tree guys by picking up any logs they have, further reducing waste.  

Most of our timber is turned into slabs, posts, rails or beams. Post and rail fences are a favourite! 

Talk to us about specialty timber for your next project.

Talk to us about specialty timber for your next project.

We love turning unwanted trees into timber and offer custom-sized pieces to suit any project.

Our mill is specifically designed for cutting large timber slabs, and we can also produce small uniquely shaped slabs with smooth natural edges. Our milled timber is rough sawn to be finished by you to create your project.

Milling was not how we started, our Journey lead us to set up for milling, as we found it was a waste to just put everything through the chipper!! 

Here we stand out from other tree guys – while mulch is great, we found that we can do better! So the larger timber is transported back to our yard to be repurposed later

If you want to transform an old tree into a tabletop, we would love to help.  If you need an unusual size or shape, we will cut custom widths and lengths in straight or curved designs.

If we’re unable to mill your wood, there are other ways to recycle it. We offer an affordable firewood service and transform wood into mulch to reinvigorate your garden. 

If you’re looking for solid milled timber in the Penrith, Blue Mountains, or Hawkesbury area, ASG Trees would love to help. Please contact our customer service team today.

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